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Simon Wright is a contemporary pyrography artist, who not only uses the art of burning images into wood by hand,  but also embellishes his work with various techniques that include water colors, oil & acrylic paints, dyes, pastels and ink... all contributing to enhance the natural beauty of wood and the focal image being displayed.


Please visit our gallery and shop pages to view the latest creations. You can also get in touch to ask about having your very own personal design or portrait .. animals, pets, nature, famous people, bands, albums... the list is endless, as is the size and the material - Pine, Oak, Maple, cherry and so-on..


We also have an AWESOME collection of hand-carved crystals and stones, sold as pendants adjustable leather necklace cords.. all created by one talented craftsman in Northern Ireland. Go and see if you can find the unique stone or crystal that calls to you!


Enjoy the site!